The (Nerd) invasion of Aneheim

Ok, so now that we’re closing in on Blizzcon I’m going to post my Planed schedule


  • Flight to LAX (Morning)
  • Tool around SoCal for a while
  • Stop by adult beverage store on way to hotel
  • Check into hotel
  • Order a Pizza (If others are interested in sharing)


  • Make trip to Target for last minute provisions
  • Hang out in ticket lines with friends/well wishers
  • Get Ticket
  • Change to Cosplay costume
  • Stop by WoWHead/WoWInsider party for a while
  • Head to World of Podcasts event where I’m on the Hearthstone pannel


  • Dawnforge breakfast (5:30 AM at Denny’s on S Harbor and W Orangewood)
  • Get in line early for entrance
  • The Con!
  • Group Quest giveaways at Meeting Stone
  • Change into cosplay item again
  • Stop by Convert to Raid Meetup
  • Head over to Twisted nether meetup


  • Con Day 2
  • Group Quest giveaways at the Meeting stone
  • AfterParty at Hilton bar


  • Dawnforge Breakfast: Part 2 (with prizes)

Now here comes the difficult decision: Last time I did Disney, and it was interesting and hot. I’m not so wild about doing a Disney trip this go around so I have 4 ideas floating around in my head. I could go out to the beach, I could do Disney (though I’m not so keen on Land), I could organize a trip to go see “Thor 2” in a theater, I could start composing my thoughts for how to edit the World of Podcasts segment for GroupQuest or this program.

Monday: Fly back home

So that’s my extravaganza. If you’re interested in doing any of these fun things, hit me up on twitter before the con and I’ll give my cell number (as data access in the hall is going to be pitiful). I might even have a few USB battery packs on me to give you a boost on your mobile device (assuming you have a USB charger).

2 Responses to The (Nerd) invasion of Aneheim

  1. I won’t be headed down there, but you may check the listing for the downtown Disney movie theater. (AMC, iirc). It’s across the walkway from the “Rainforest Cafe”. That way you could get in some Disney and Thor2 in a single parking ticket!. If you’re brave, a trip to Santa Monica Pier (, go ride some non-Disney roller coasters and seafood. Or go see the decommissioned Endeavor space shuttle at the California Science Center (

    • I’m staying at one of the hotels next to the convention center, so I don’t need to drive. I’m toying with the AMC and the one over on the GardenWalk for movies. Now those ideas for the Santa Monica Pier and the California Science Center sound fun.