Hasteal, Human Priest of the Alliance

So, I’ve decided to take on the TrialMan Challenge hosted by the Chaos Portal Show. I’ve decided to add the following additional challenges on to my effort.

  • No Quests
  • No Deaths
  • No Professions
  • No Addons
    • Only exception to this is the oQueue addon that has no bearing on this challenge

Tonight was my first night of doing the challenge. I’ve learned that I need to appreciate how refined my main’s UI (elvUI) is compared to the base blizzard layout.

Total Invested Time: 2 hours
Level: 5
Current Location: Goldshire.

One Response to Hasteal, Human Priest of the Alliance

  1. Ugh!, leveling a priest is painful. I got my priest up to 15 using holidays (trick or treating), then ran dungeons all the way to 85. Of course, I could also equip heirloom gear so it was almost 1 dungeon per level for a good number of levels.

    Good luck.