• Horde Vs Alliance: Pandaria Capitals

    So, a while I was wishing out loud in my guild that that Alliance Pandaria capital was less “fail”. Most of this is due to the fact that the way that the capitals are set up

    Horde Level 1:
    Alliance Level 1:
    Horde Level 2:
    Alliance Level 2:

    Notice how the horde have 2 Inns and one of the inns being closer to the poratals whereas the alliance layout is much more difficult to get to reasonable things and get where you want.

  • The (Nerd) invasion of Aneheim

    Ok, so now that we’re closing in on Blizzcon I’m going to post my Planed schedule


    • Flight to LAX (Morning)
    • Tool around SoCal for a while
    • Stop by adult beverage store on way to hotel
    • Check into hotel
    • Order a Pizza (If others are interested in sharing)


    • Make trip to Target for last minute provisions
    • Hang out in ticket lines with friends/well wishers
    • Get Ticket
    • Change to Cosplay costume
    • Stop by WoWHead/WoWInsider party for a while
    • Head to World of Podcasts event where I’m on the Hearthstone pannel


    • Dawnforge breakfast (5:30 AM at Denny’s on S Harbor and W Orangewood)
    • Get in line early for entrance
    • The Con!
    • Group Quest giveaways at Meeting Stone
    • Change into cosplay item again
    • Stop by Convert to Raid Meetup
    • Head over to Twisted nether meetup


    • Con Day 2
    • Group Quest giveaways at the Meeting stone
    • AfterParty at Hilton bar


    • Dawnforge Breakfast: Part 2 (with prizes)

    Now here comes the difficult decision: Last time I did Disney, and it was interesting and hot. I’m not so wild about doing a Disney trip this go around so I have 4 ideas floating around in my head. I could go out to the beach, I could do Disney (though I’m not so keen on Land), I could organize a trip to go see “Thor 2″ in a theater, I could start composing my thoughts for how to edit the World of Podcasts segment for GroupQuest or this program.

    Monday: Fly back home

    So that’s my extravaganza. If you’re interested in doing any of these fun things, hit me up on twitter before the con and I’ll give my cell number (as data access in the hall is going to be pitiful). I might even have a few USB battery packs on me to give you a boost on your mobile device (assuming you have a USB charger).

  • Hasteal, Smiter of strong creatures

    WoWScrnShot_072213_204354So an update on my TrialMan.

    No deaths, Level 10, now taking the Shadow specialization.

    Once I had the Power word Shield, I could Shield up, and then smite at a distance all the creatures. I could even take on multiple mobs and much higher level mobs. Just before I logged out, I tried a Level 15 creature which burnt through my shield and took me down some. This tells me that SPriests are OP

  • Hasteal, Human Priest of the Alliance

    So, I’ve decided to take on the TrialMan Challenge hosted by the Chaos Portal Show. I’ve decided to add the following additional challenges on to my effort.

    • No Quests
    • No Deaths
    • No Professions
    • No Addons
      • Only exception to this is the oQueue addon that has no bearing on this challenge

    Tonight was my first night of doing the challenge. I’ve learned that I need to appreciate how refined my main’s UI (elvUI) is compared to the base blizzard layout.

    Total Invested Time: 2 hours
    Level: 5
    Current Location: Goldshire.

  • The internet remembers everything

    Disclaimer: This is a post only by me. The views and opinions expressed here are not endorsed or condoned by my real world employer, in game guild, any podcasts that I am affiliated with except ones that I do by my self. Adult conversation will be welcomed and debated. Childish name calling and vigalante mob violence will be ignored and deleted.

    So, If you’ve been following the tweet storm today, Cold of Cold’s Gold Factory has launched a completely unwarranted attack on twitter.  A friend of Cold, DemonicRic DMed me on twitter a few nights ago.  I decided to show some interest because I had previously supported the attempt to get him his vision back.

    Flash forward a single day and he unfollows me.  I have nothing wrong with people following and unfollowing me at will.  What I do have a problem with is them sharing the private conversation that we had with others that are not connected to the conversation.  So since they decided to allude to the conversation that supposedly puts me in a bad viewpoint, I present the full story.
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